Taiwan Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research

Study Site

Long-term socio-ecological research- Hualien platform focuses on the Hualien River basin located at Fenglin Town and Guangfu Township (Figure 1). The plain field covers a vast area of artificial forest, abandoned cultivated land, and ground-mounted PV systems preserved area. Social economic research focuses on Fenglin Township while ecological research focuses on both Fenglin Town and Guangfu Township. The first study site is next to the Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort, Fenglin Township which covers 1500 hectares of artificial forest, watermelon field, dry field, and community (Figure 2). The second study site is at Danong Dafu Forest, Guangfu Township which covers 1200 hectares of artificial forest (Figure 3). The Fenglin study site surveys the change in the landscape in constructing ground-mounted PV systems. The Danong Dafu study site surveys the effects of climate change on the forest ecosystem service and the comparison of the ground-mounted PV systems in Fenglin study site.

Figure 1. Study sites of the Hualien platform. The black line indicates the survey area of the social science. 
The blue lines indicate the survey area of the ecology science
Figure 2. Study site of Fenglin Township. 
Land use including PV systems, orchards, artificial forests, clearing, farms, and paddy fields
Figure 3. Ecological study site of Danong Dafu. 
Including one flux tower, 25 flora study sites, and 5 fauna study sites