Taiwan Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research

Areas of Research

Fenglin Township is a typical rural social-ecological system. In this research, we aim to survey the system's driving factors, interaction, and outcome. Research areas include the driving force that alters the social-ecological system, the alteration due to the driving force, and the impact caused by the alteration of the social system and the ecosystem (Figure 2). The three areas shape the fundamental concept of long-term scientific research. Currently, Fenglin system faces multiple impacts including alteration of land use, constrained rural economy, climate change, and ground-mounted PV(Photovoltaic system) systems. All the impacts shape the path and condition of the rural social-ecological system. This research focuses on 1) driving factors such as climate change, social-economic structure, and national policies (especially agriculture, and energy) 2) the alteration of land use and agricultural management 3) How these impacts alter the social system and ecosystem and how the outcome feedback to the driving factors and the alteration.

【Figure 2】 Monitoring structure of this project